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Bettinas Secret Spots

I grew up in Interlaken and already as a kid I felt like living in paradise. I love exploring our area and go hiking with our dog Kim and I am still amazed by how diverse it is here. I keep finding restaurants, spots, hikes, ice cream places, rock types, flowers and even lakes I have not known before every year. I really appreciate living in this wonderful region and I am happy to share some of my favourite things to do with you!

Bettinas Secret #7

on the Schnitzerlweg to the Hinterburgseeli - a hidden gem in the alps

Bettinas Secret # 4

From Grindelwald First to the Schynige Platte - a 5 hour hike through screefields, snow and meadows with the most breathtaking views

Bettinas Secret #3

Fly like a Bird! Bumblebee Hang-Gliding will make your dreams come true and take you on a flight high above Interlaken Guaranteed the best views you will ever get

Bettinas Secret #2

did you know you can start hiking in Interlaken? hike up to the mountain village Saxeten starting at our door step. Follow the path trough the forest with breathtaking views of the lakes and the alps