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Neuhaus - the most beautiful sunsets

The Neuhaus is a restaurant by the lake Thun but also the name of the public swimming area and the bus stop (Bus 21, "Thun"). It is not really a secret tip as it is where the locals go for a swim in summer and families take a sunday stroll with children and grandparents. You can play Beachvolleyball there and make a nice fire in the evening.
The Neuhaus is the start of a beautiful path through the conservation area "Weissenau", a walk through a green tunnel along the lake with great views. This nature reserve is a home for white tail deers, many different bird species, lizards, butterflies, squirrels, different fish and sometimes you even get to see a snake. The plant diversity is stunning too, there are water lilies, many different trees and even wild orchids to be discovered.

If you take a right after the end of the nature reserve it takes you about 5 more minutes to reach to old castle Weissenau, a ruin from the 13th century. The built in stairs so you can climb to the top and enjoy the view
The Neuhaus and the walk through the Weissenaus offers the most beautiful sunsets all year round. I especially like it on days that with changeable weather, with clouds and in summer even with a thunderstorm approaching. Even in the rain it is a wonderful walk - only when it's very windy or during a thunderstorm with lightning you should avoid being out there and have a cup of tea in the restaurant

and take care of the swans there, they are always in a bad mood....

....greetings from paradise


The walk through the Weissenau takes about 20 minutes one way but it's so easy to forget about time there. It's not really a secret tip but it's definately one of my favourite spots and you can find us there at least once a week