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From Grindelwald First to the Schynige Platte

The hike from Grindelwald First to the Schynige Platte is probably one of the most famous hikes in our area. You will find thousands of photos on Instagram, the Bachalpsee must be one of the most photographed lakes in out mountains. I’ve wanted to do this hike for years already, last weekend I finally made it.
We took the cable car from Grindelwald up to the First where you have great views to the (melting) glaciers of Grindelwald. Not long after we’ve started hiking we’ve reached the Bachalpsee – If you’ve seen photos of Switzerland you’ve seen a photo of this lake for sure! From here we continued up towards the Faulhorn. This is the highest point of the hike and you can enjoy a coffee and some cake in the restaurant up there (built in 1830! It's worth to google their story)
From the peak the path follows the ridge trough scree fields, alpine meadows and snow fields. The views over the lake Brienz is incredible, the melting water from the glacier gives the lake this amazing emerald colour, it’s hard to believe it’s natural. As time went on the meadows got more and more colourful and we’ve seen so many different butterflies, bees and bumblebees!

Reaching the Schynige Platte it’s worth taking a walk through their alpine garden to learn the name of all the pretty flowers along the way. At the restaurant we enjoyed a cold drink (they do have some very nice food too for the hungry ones – try their Rösti when you’re up there, it’s delicious). From the station the old train takes about an hour down to Wilderswil where the Bus back to Interlaken is leaving

I suggest to hike from Grindelwald First to the Schynige Platte. It’s about 17 km and you do 900 meters in altitude and takes about 5 hours. The other way it’s an hour longer as you have to conquer more meters up.
This hike deserves its reputation as one of the most beautiful ones in Switzerland. It’s not a secret tip at all but definitely well worth doing! I promise the next adventure can’t be found in all the books

...greetings from paradise